Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

  • Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys a traffic accident should not see in the Mediator the substitute for private legal assistance.
  • It is true that the legislation to that effect determines that the Mediator in this type of procedure must have the title of Civil and Commercial Mediation and, due to the complexity of the subject matter.
Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
  • be a specialist in traffic accidents. In these cases, the parties (and especially the victim / injured) can understand that the.
  • Mediator is a kind of specialized lawyer whose job is to defend their interests to reach an agreement with the insurance company providing.

The same assistance (and cheaper) ) that a lawyer specialized?

  • It is true that the Mediator must be a specialist in traffic accidents, but his work, as it is developed.
  • Mediation in civil and commercial matters, has to be developed following the informative principles .
  • These principles must govern each and every one of the actions of the Mediator from the informative session itself to the parties, therefore.
  • it will be the Mediator’s job to inform the victim above all (because it is normal for the Insurance Company.
  • To come already represented by Lawyer ) that their work does not replace the advice of the lawyer, but that their work is focused from the outset to ensure
  • the equality of the parties in order to bring their positions closer, for which it is essential that both.
  • Have assistance from a specialist lawyer to advise them conveniently.

Can mediation be initiated without the legal assistance of one of the parties?

  • In our opinion, no. Given the complexity of the subject on which it is meditating, since the victim does not understand the knowledge held by the insurance company.
  • the Mediator must do everything possible to not start a Mediation without it being correctly advised.
  • Undoubtedly, both parties will be mutually agreed to decide on this circumstance, but in any case,.
  • the Mediator himself could depart from the process because he understands that the .
  • Rights of one of the parties are not sufficiently guaranteed, thus vitiating the Mediation procedure from the beginning.

It is the task of the Ombudsman to do everything possible so?

  • that the parties understand that the complexity of determining the quantification of a.
  • Compensatory amount cannot allow the inequality of arms of one of the parties by not going.
  • To the Mediation with legal assistance. If this were to happen, the Mediator would.
  • Be placed in a position (due to his specific knowledge in the matter) aimed at not .
  • Equidistant from being able to assess relevant legal circumstances and situations.